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In the current global economic crisis, the whole world is turning towards infrastructure projects. Governments prod and encourage capital injection in long-term developmental enterprises that will help boost domestic and global economies simultaneously. It is indeed the accepted wisdom that governmental contracting-out and private finance initiatives, on both domestic and foreign level, is the way ahead.

Any business entity electing to embark upon such a journey should enjoy sound counseling and advice from professionals with commanding knowledge of Public Procurement, Government/Administrative Contracts, PPPs, Alternative Dispute Resolution, all supplemented by solid professional relationships with the official decision makers in the targeted markets.

Our team, other than its mastery of finance-related laws, has built-up its reputation as the best in Egypt when engaging in projects of the sort. To better serve the needs of our Clients and meet the demanding time-frame and technical prerequisites for such projects, we have created a specialized team in infrastructure, oil and gas, construction and PPPs. We are confident that we are among the very few in Egypt that can genuinely claim to have provided the best legal services in such a sophisticated and complex field.